Johnny Mark

Johnny mark

Johnny Mark

Johnny Mark 

          Language: Warangku          

          Clan: warangku

          Community: New Mapoon

          Totem: Twara (Eagle)

My art is based on my heritage and culture– the stories that my mother and father told me as I was growing up, and from my own experiences. I tell the stories of my land, my people, the animals we hunt and the food we gather to eat.

I was born in Old Mapoon, but moved to New Mapoon when I was very young. My father used to dance in ceremonies, he was a cultural man and he would pass on the stories told through art and dance.

I started dancing when I was ten years old, and I would dance alongside my uncles and my father in our cultural ceremonies. Now I teach at the local youth centre,passing my knowledge to the younger generations. I tell the stories of our land, our people and our culture through song, dance and art.

The most important thing to me is that we elders continue to pass on our culture, teaching the younger generations.

Many cultures, one spirit.