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Burru: Combs from the Strait’s Past

When christian missinoaries firstcame to the islands of the Torres Strait, they brought the first real introduction to western culture with them. Ordinary household objects to the missionaries were foreign to the Islanders,… Continue reading

Off the wall

One of the greatest priveliges in art appreciation, is to meet the artist and hear their story behind the work. To understand what compelled them to create that peice; be it spiritual, cultural… Continue reading

Pathways 3 Group Exhibition

Only days after our NPA Artist’s first exhibition, Ngalpa Mura Tjar’a Tjera Apudthama, their distinguished works were back on the gallery wall for UMI Art‘s annual Pathways Group Exhibition, and just in time… Continue reading

Ngalpa Mura Tjar’a Tjera Apudthama Exhibition

In 2012, eight artists from the NPA were invited by UMI Arts to host the very first Exhibition to focus solely on artwork from the NPA. It was also the first exhibition of… Continue reading