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Stories in the Dust

Painted bodies with outstretched arms moved eerily through the clouds of dust kicked up by their bare feet. As they moved to the pulsing drum beat and music sung in language, the dancers… Continue reading

Journey to Umagico

Three houses stood silhouetted against the darkening sky, as a young Lockhart River woman, heavy with child, made her way on foot to what was to be her new community. With charcoal darkened… Continue reading

Our Journey, Our Clan, Our People

Sisters Vikki, Agnes and Susan have fought for years to have not only their rights to their land recognised, but also the very existence of their clan group. Since their parents journey in… Continue reading

Carving Culture

  Brothers Brett Aniba and Vincent Babia use lino printing to reinvent the stories of their ancestors on Saibai Island. Both Arts Support workers at the NPA Arts Centre, they work alongside fellow local indigenous… Continue reading

With Our Ancestors Watching Over

This month, families from one of the NPA communities are hosting a celebration to mark the tombstone unveiling’s of their loved ones who have recently passed on. The families have asked the artists from… Continue reading