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Adi Buya: Sacred Stones from Our Island Home

The two Saibai warriors moved like stealth through the night. Their canoe cut through the black glass of the Torres Strait waters andĀ slid soundlessly onto the sandy shore. Through the bush they could… Continue reading

Journey to Umagico

Three houses stood silhouetted against the darkening sky, as a young Lockhart River woman, heavy with child, made her way on foot to what was to be her new community. With charcoal darkened… Continue reading

Large as Life

Have you ever looked at a polystyrene esky and thought to yourself… I could make a dugong out of that? Using only tools he had around the home and materials found around his… Continue reading

With Our Ancestors Watching Over

This month, families fromĀ one of the NPA communities are hosting a celebration to mark the tombstone unveiling’s of their loved ones who have recently passed on. The families have asked the artists from… Continue reading

Off the wall

One of the greatest priveliges in art appreciation, is to meet the artist and hear their story behind the work. To understand what compelled them to create that peice; be it spiritual, cultural… Continue reading